Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Starting Your Online Business

How should you actually start your Online Business? Take it from the experts (I don't mean myself, just in case ...) and

1. Choose a Product or a Service
2. Register a Domain and get a Web Site
3. Create great Content and write proper Sales Copy
4. Get free Traffic from Search Engines

then pick basic Strategies to grow your Business:

5. Start a Newsletter or a Blog
6. Test your Site, your E-Mails and any Ads
7. Use Pay-Per-Click Traffic (only when tested Ads!)
8. Recruit Affiliates as a Sales Force

Here is a link, if you want a more detailed Step-By-Step Guide how to set-up and grow your own Online Business.

Wishing you Success, sometimes all it takes is to get started and to stick with it.