Monday, February 04, 2008

Business building failure rate

Last week I posted about 'Building A Successful Internet Business' and the perils of it . The rate of over 90% of small businesses failing within the first ten years shocked me.

Can you imagine all the broken dreams and the financial hardship left behind? This is unbelievable and apparently there are not enough people out there helping smaller companies to start, survive and grow their business.

That got me thinking ... and deciding I want to do something about this horrible failure rate.

We will put a program together that will support entrepreneurs in building their business, making sure they survive and grow their dreams!

Since we focus on the Internet side of things, this will be a program that supports people in building an Internet business. It will be a program where we combine advice from the Internet experts with the support from 'coaches' to make sure things really happen and are not just digested as great information.

More on the program later in this blog.

For now I just want to mention that I have set-up a 'draft' forum to get a feel for where entrepreneurs might want support the most. Here is the link: "Successful Internet Business Building"