Thursday, August 24, 2006

Instant Google Analytics access now available!

Hi everyone,

The below is great news. Google finally reopened 'Analytics'! If you don't have an account yet. Go and get one. It's a must have.

Read below what Google says.

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Brett Crosby, Sr. Manager, Google Analytics:

"We're open! Instant access now available

I'm happy to tell you that we've just removed the wait to receive a Google Analytics account. Now anyone with a website can instantly create one for free by simply by visiting or by clicking on the "Analytics" tab within AdWords. After you create an account, we suggest reading the Installation Guide to get it set up quickly and correctly.

When we founded Urchin we actually had an ad-based business model where we were able to give the product away for free. It didn't last and we eventually went with a paid model. But when our company was acquired in April 2005 we worked with Google to determine a way to give it away for free again, this time with no ads. By doing this, we're able to give all websites -- large and small -- the tools you need to better serve your customers, make more money, and improve the web experience for everyone..."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Business Building Video by Rich Schefren

Hi, make sure you don't miss Rich's (Schefren) video! Highly recommended.

For example Gary Ambrose put out a 'recommendation' (about Rich Schefren's coaching program) on his blog which my RSS reader unfortunately missed ;-) and

the rest is: "Add Me To Your Waiting List!"


You Now Have One More Chance…

is what the ShopTalk Blog said (on the 25th of July 06) about Rich Schefren's coaching program but actually you don't.

Since unfortunately we are all too late. Well 2 hours and 14 min wasn't exactly a big window to get in but I am sure we will hear and see more of Rich and his material pretty soon.

Am I wrong?


p.s. Michael Valiant has written the article on ShopTalk. If you wanna know more just scroll down here to see his article.

Forum Discussion about Rich Schefren

Hi Guys and Dolls,

over at John Reese's Marketing Secrets Discussion Forum there are several posts about the 'Rich Schefren Manifesto'. If you want to find out more about Rich's Internet Business Manifesto have a look what people like you and me think.


Rich Schefren's program sold out!

Hi everyone,

please note that Rich's program is indeed totally sold out! So please don't be disappointed when you are clicking the links to his coaching program sign-up page and they just say "EXPIRED".

Rich has told that he will be releasing more of his brilliant material like the Internet Business Manifesto soon.


Rich Schefren's coaching program

This is in brief what Michael Valiant said about Rich Schefren's coaching program:

"People banged down the doors of his [Rich Schefren - obviously] elite Coaching Club like shoppers besieging a store on Black Friday.

The entire program sold out in JUST two hours.

In a flash there were 115 people in that elite group and hundreds more wanting to get in. Rich took down the offer after 150 were in, but amazingly orders continued to pour in (apparently the page was saved in their browsers).

Clearly, thousands missed out, and still want a solution.

…Rich promised, before this all started, that he was not going to offer another 11 week group or a homestudy. But what I’m about to tell you, will probably put a smile on your face.

When the dust settled, there were two kinds of upset people:

The first group planned to join the coaching group. They didn’t care about the price. They just wanted in but they missed it. Some had their credit cards in hand ready to pay but the program was already sold out.
The second group of people came intending to buy until they saw the price and figured they couldn’t afford it.
Get the HomeStudy Version Today! >>

I’d like to respond to both groups with some incredible news…

You now have a second chance to grow your business.

Starting on July 25th at 12 noon, Rich will be introducing his brand new Systematized Version Of His Elite Coaching Program, The Strategic Profits "Business Growth System"

Remember, his elite coaching program sold out in just 2 hours! It is that good!

We highly recommend signing up for this program, as we mentioned before, it just may be the single best investment you ever make in your business!"

Somebody not happy with Rich Schefren?

Here is even somebody who initially wasn't too happy with what Rich schefren has to offer. It's Stephen Bray from lovely Amos Bay in Turkey. Here is a small excerpt of what he wrote:

"Rich is, I believe, an incredibly talented young man and I am not so much ‘pissed’ as disappointed. He has made several fortunes both in conventional and on-line business. Recently he has been selling an elite coaching based upon his knowledge of business systems. The free stuff he’s been giving away is wonderful. So why am I disappointed!

Quite simply for several days he’s been very publicly stating that not only is his current coaching program the last he will be running, but also that he’s no intention of building a home-study course for those who can’t get on it."

(If you want to know more, visit Stephen's blog.)

Featuring: Rich Schefren - a new Internet Marketing star

Apparently there is a new star on the Internet marketing skies, so I wanted to let you know what information I found on him. It's quite a bit of information and will come in several posts but it should give you a good picture of what the new star Rich Schefren is about.

I will blog information clips from different sources to give you an idea what other people think.:

Let's start with the Internet Marketers Network, they write:

"After his coaching program sold out in 2 hours and 14 minutes, Schefren released an Internet business building video on his blog. He discusses how to properly create a business. He's also offering a report of his favorite resources and a signup for any future opportunities as he expands his coaching opporturnities.

Rich Schefren opened the doors to a 12-month coaching program for the first 1,000 people who respond. This new program does not have any one-on-one coaching time with Schefren (unlike last week's program) but does have monthly Q&A sessions. In addition, the program is a monthly membership program and includes two live seminars. Cost is $397 per month and registration is available at

Rich Schefren, the author of the highly acclaimed Internet Business Manifesto, will be starting his coaching club on July 18th. It is an eleven week program that starts out by "identifying strengths with which to build a unique (and VERY profitable) advantage." The course will deliver one module per week and includes a personal one-on-one session with Schefren every other week. The cost of the program is not yet known. For more information on Rich Schefren, visit his blog at Strategic Profits."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A List of blogging terms from - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you would like to see a list of popular blogging terms, click the link above.

What the industry experts are saying about blogging

'Blogs are changing the way we do business.
Those businesses that have engaged in the conversation -- either with their own blog or with comments on their customer's blog -- have developed loyal enthusiasts for their brand.
They've seen their business increase because of their proactive approach.'
Mike Sansone
AOL Community Program Manager

'Skillful blogging can boost your company's credibility and help it connect with customers.'
Harvard Management Communication Letter

'Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out.
Our advice: Catch up now... or catch you later.'
Business Week "

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Step 11 - Step-By-Step Guide: "How to Build Your Successful Online Business"

Step 11: Set up an automated ordering process

• Accept credit cards, other payments options (e.g. paypal) and international orders on your site
• Find the shopping cart, that can potentially double your sales
• Decide how to deliver your products
• Automate your escalating customer service as much as possible, yet provide an option to get one-on-one support.

Step 10 - Step-By-Step Guide: "How to Build Your Successful Online Business"

Step 10: Test and survey regularly

• Increase your sales with testing
• Track your success through statistics
• Survey your customers and subscribers