Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Now Have One More Chance…

is what the ShopTalk Blog said (on the 25th of July 06) about Rich Schefren's coaching program but actually you don't.

Since unfortunately we are all too late. Well 2 hours and 14 min wasn't exactly a big window to get in but I am sure we will hear and see more of Rich and his material pretty soon.

Am I wrong?


p.s. Michael Valiant has written the article on ShopTalk. If you wanna know more just scroll down here to see his article.


Anonymous said...

Well I hope there will be another chance then. humphrey

Anonymous said...

I bet there will be... cliff

Anonymous said...

Guys, Rich is surely going to capitalize on the current excitement. Don't worry ;-)


Anonymous said...

absolutely, Claire