Thursday, August 17, 2006

Somebody not happy with Rich Schefren?

Here is even somebody who initially wasn't too happy with what Rich schefren has to offer. It's Stephen Bray from lovely Amos Bay in Turkey. Here is a small excerpt of what he wrote:

"Rich is, I believe, an incredibly talented young man and I am not so much ‘pissed’ as disappointed. He has made several fortunes both in conventional and on-line business. Recently he has been selling an elite coaching based upon his knowledge of business systems. The free stuff he’s been giving away is wonderful. So why am I disappointed!

Quite simply for several days he’s been very publicly stating that not only is his current coaching program the last he will be running, but also that he’s no intention of building a home-study course for those who can’t get on it."

(If you want to know more, visit Stephen's blog.)

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