Thursday, August 17, 2006

Business Building Video by Rich Schefren

Hi, make sure you don't miss Rich's (Schefren) video! Highly recommended.

For example Gary Ambrose put out a 'recommendation' (about Rich Schefren's coaching program) on his blog which my RSS reader unfortunately missed ;-) and

the rest is: "Add Me To Your Waiting List!"



Anonymous said...

just got on the waiting list

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karl, video is great stuff. L.G.

Karl Ortenburg said...

Watching the video made me do two things already:

1. I binned (I mean threw away) a lot of material thatI previously thought was important. But I realized I would just spend more unproductive time on them.

2. After exactly one hour of watching the video, I stopped the video because it just dawned on me that watching a video is also not productive time! Even that I did learn a lot.

And products created in productive time is what I need more than education.

Thanks Rich, great material. Keep it coming!