Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rich Schefren's coaching program

This is in brief what Michael Valiant said about Rich Schefren's coaching program:

"People banged down the doors of his [Rich Schefren - obviously] elite Coaching Club like shoppers besieging a store on Black Friday.

The entire program sold out in JUST two hours.

In a flash there were 115 people in that elite group and hundreds more wanting to get in. Rich took down the offer after 150 were in, but amazingly orders continued to pour in (apparently the page was saved in their browsers).

Clearly, thousands missed out, and still want a solution.

…Rich promised, before this all started, that he was not going to offer another 11 week group or a homestudy. But what I’m about to tell you, will probably put a smile on your face.

When the dust settled, there were two kinds of upset people:

The first group planned to join the coaching group. They didn’t care about the price. They just wanted in but they missed it. Some had their credit cards in hand ready to pay but the program was already sold out.
The second group of people came intending to buy until they saw the price and figured they couldn’t afford it.
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I’d like to respond to both groups with some incredible news…

You now have a second chance to grow your business.

Starting on July 25th at 12 noon, Rich will be introducing his brand new Systematized Version Of His Elite Coaching Program, The Strategic Profits "Business Growth System"

Remember, his elite coaching program sold out in just 2 hours! It is that good!

We highly recommend signing up for this program, as we mentioned before, it just may be the single best investment you ever make in your business!"

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