Monday, July 14, 2008

New Community Video


I hope you are having a good start to another great week.

Just wanted to let you know that we have a new Video on the Main Internet-Experts-Live Network called 'iEL Community Video'.

Please watch this video since it features some of you. You can find it when you scroll down to 'Today's Focus'.

iEL Promo Video

We are going to upload this video to over 60 top websites on the Internet and wanted to show it to you as an easy way of getting a promotional video done for your business plus getting it distributed quickly across the Internet.

Video Marketing has become one of the most effective marketing methods on the Internet and we will show you some ways how you can use video marketing to promote you and your business very effectively.

If you do not feature in this short video yet, don't worry. We will give everyone the chance to get 'exclusively' promoted on top Internet websites. The effect can be outstanding.

I am going to explain this in some more details in some Blog Posts on iEL over the next couple of days.

Karl Ortenburg

iEL Team

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