Monday, April 03, 2006

The difference between a flop and a hit

The difference between a flop and a hit can all be in the product description.

In fact if you are selling from a website what else does the customer have to go on?
They cannot actually see your product so they rely totally on what you say about it and any pictures you choose to use.

Obviously one of the things that tells them a lot about the item is its name.

About 4 years ago I had the rights to a product called “Product Development” which is hardy exciting, so instead we called it “How to Make £30,000 a Month Working from Home”. It was the same thing but sounded a whole lot more enticing. The name came from the real results of what was revealed to buyers, which of course was all about developing your own products.

The thing is that very few people want to make products, what most people want to do is sell products to make a load of money, and if they can do that easily, that is without leaving their own home, then they like that even more, hence the name was much better anyway.

The name of something can often flow into the description as well. In the case above it was much better talking about the joys of working from home and those that had done so already rather than trying to explain what developing your own products was all about.

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