Monday, April 24, 2006

How to get great sales letters written for you!

One of the questions that I get asked most often is "How do you get your sales letters written?" or "Who writes your letters?".

Well, I write the shorter stuff myself and get a copywriter to do the longer letters. If you are tempted to use a copywriter be careful here because good copywriters can charge anything from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.

I have found it best to always write the basics of the letter myself and then give it to a copywriter to turn into something magical.

Some have tried just giving a copywriter some tapes or DVDs to watch and then to write a letter but it has never been a success. Copywriters don’t have the same depth of knowledge or enthusiasm as the person who is going to make their living from that product.

So, how do you get that letter written without hiring a copywriter?

The solution is to try some of the software that does it for you. There are several good ones, The Internet Marketing Centre, Armand Morin and Marlon Sanders do ones. And you can find them easily by searching in Google for their names and ‘copywriting software’.

Don’t slavishly take the results of the software’s efforts but instead use it as a means of creating the right sort of structure and a workable draft. You will need to tone down some wordings and remove some of the "hypey" style but it will certainly give you something that will almost certainly be better than you could do on your own.

Good luck with training your copywriting skills!

P.S. Let me see some of your 'sales copy' examples.


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