Friday, March 30, 2007

Exit Traffic Strategies

Exit Traffic Strategies : What are you doing to stop people leaving your site?

You spend lots of time, effort and probably money attracting people to your site. So what do you do about those that come in and leave straight away - do you just let them go? If you are, you are crazy...

...So [in terms of Exit Traffic Strategies] what are we talking about?

The trusty pop up window. Before you scoff and leave, my finance client hated pop ups too! Until it added £1 million worth of income to his bottom line that is...

...[and] I'm not talking about delivering adverts via popups when people visit the site. No, No, No. This is what gives popups a bad rap!

These are popups with a difference. In fact, they should be called exit consoles!


What you put in that popped up window is key! Don't just put in a banner ad or an advertisement! Give them something of value or use.

Why are they leaving? Because they didn't find what they were looking for. So help them do that. Give them options. Open with something like...

"Sorry you did not find what you were looking for."

This shows them you are trying to help and gives the visitor the impression that the resources being delivered are recommended.

Secondly, brand it like your site but don't open it as a full window. Create a mini branded console. This tells them where this window has come from.

In this window, you can do lots of things but in the main, you want to try and direct them back to your site, get them to leave an email address, or give them a 'phone number so they can call you.


There are other clients that used their Exit Console to carry out customer research, build a mailing list, offer exclusive deals, drive traffic to their call centres and generally earn an income from people that were leaving their website.

So if you have a high traffic or medium traffic site, you could be generating a revenue from those that are leaving your site.

Obviously there is a bit more to it than that. But this article was just to get you thinking about the possibilities.

If you would like to discuss your website and what you could be doing with Exit Consoles why not drop me a line or visit our Exit Traffic Strategies section?

by Jason Hulott, Director
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