Monday, October 23, 2006

Mobile Internet popular in EU

"Mobile Internet ‘more popular with Europeans than Americans"

Who would have thought that? The US - a nation where people move thousands of miles for their job and even commute by plane - according to new research are not picking up the 'mobile Internet' as quickly as their European counterparts.

Europeans are far more likely to access the Web on their mobiles than their US counterparts, according to new research from comScore Networks.

The results, form part of the research firm’s new Mobile Tracking Study, which examines how consumers across six countries in Europe and America (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) access Internet content from their mobile phones.

The research shows that 29% of European Internet users regularly access the Web from their mobile phones compared to only 19% in the US.

Of the countries examined, the highest mobile Web penetration is seen in both Germany and Italy (34%), followed by France with 28%, Spain with 26% and the UK with 24%. The U.S. figure of 19% is the lowest of the set.

The study also shows that men are somewhat more likely to access the Web from their mobile phones than women. Across all six countries, although the Internet penetration is split evenly between men and women, 55% of those who access the Web from their mobile phones are men.

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