Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Optimize Your Website In A Day

We have developed a new one-day workshop to optimize the performance of web sites.

Workshop participants get the latest and most successful Online Marketing Strategies, Techniques and Resources to apply to their websites.

We start this facts-packed day with basic but often overlooked Site Elements that can increase sales by up to 200%! We then go through the most important, second most important and third most important Part of each Website to show which techniques can be used best.

The next three sections cover how to increase Web Site Traffic, how to build a profitable Customer List and how to turn Site Visitors into Lifetime Customers.

In the last Knowledge Section participants see how to use Tracking, Testing and Automation to keep optimizing their sites' performance even further once they left the workshop.

Participants learn which Methods to use with their own Websites to increase their Site's Performance.

For a full description of the Benefits of this Workshop please see The Website Optimization Workshop

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