Monday, February 05, 2007

Top online categories

The top gaining worldwide online categories in 2006, in terms of unique visitors, according to research firm comScore:

Growth in Selected Online Categories by Unique Visitors (UVs) Dec. ’05 vs. Dec. ‘06

Total Worldwide - Home and Work Locations Overall, the top-gaining categories worldwide in 2006 included:

- Multimedia (up 37 percent),
- Community (up 33 percent),
- E-mail (up 16 percent),
- News/Information (up 15 percent) and
- Games (up 14 percent).

A major driver of growth in the multimedia category was, which grew 1,972 percent versus year ago to reach 120 million worldwide visitors in December.

In the Community category, which includes social networking sites, MySpace and Blogger were both significant growth drivers, growing 159 percent to 90 million worldwide visitors and 90 percent to 93 million worldwide visitors, respectively.

Growth in the e-mail category was driven largely by the rapid adoption of Google Gmail, which was up 71 percent to 60 million visitors year-over-year.

Growth in the News/Information category was driven largely by MSN News & Weather (up 131 percent to 25 million worldwide visitors), Yahoo! News (up 44 percent year-over-year to 104 million worldwide visitors), and New York Times Digital (up 20 percent to 68 million worldwide visitors).

Source: Netimperative

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