Monday, September 04, 2006

"See your site's Inbound Links"

"See your site's 'Inbound Links' with Yahoo! Site Explorer"

Yahoo! launched a useful tool called Site Explorer, which provides information about your site's visibility in the Yahoo! search engine.

Yahoo! recently announced that Site Explorer has been updated, and if you're not yet familiar with Yahoo! Site Explorer, then I would recommend trying it on your web site.

It's a good resource for web site owners to gain insight into their site's presence in Yahoo!.

The tool shows which of the site's pages are indexed and which pages are linking to the site (inbound links).

If you go through the process of verifying that you are the site owner (authentication), then additional information is available, including what subdomains of the site are indexed by Yahoo!, when the Yahoo! web crawler last visited the site, and additional site metadata such as language.

Detailed information about Site Explorer can be found in the Yahoo! help area. Note that Yahoo! also recently announced that normal queries on their search engine using 'site:', 'link:', 'linkdomain:' will be redirected to the Site Explorer results page.


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