Thursday, September 28, 2006

YouTube becomes fastest growing UK online brand- research

User-generated content websites such as YouTube, Flickr and MySpace have been the biggest Internet success stories of the year so far, according to new research.

A report from Internet research firm Neilsen//Netratings indicates that the three fastest growing online brands in the UK highlight how generating and sharing content is this year’s online theme, with half of the ten fastest growing brands fall under the “Web 2.0” umbrella.

YouTube, Flickr and MySpace all focus on technologies that allow users to define the content that their peers are looking at online.

Commenting on the findings of the report, Alex Burmaster, European Internet Analyst at Nielsen//NetRatings, said:

“The idea of the user in charge through these so called “Web 2.0” technologies is now a reality. The audience to video sharing phenomenon YouTube is testament to this, having grown by a factor of almost five during the year, meaning that more than one in eight Britons online now visit this site.”

Top 10 Fastest growing brands of 2006 Top 10 brands in 2006
by UK Unique Audience (UA)

Growth * RankBrand % Growth Jan-July 2006 (000’s) July 2006 Nature of Business

1 YouTube 478% 3,585 Video sharing
2 Flickr 131% 1,008 Photo management and sharing
3 MySpace 98% 3,502 Social networking
4 American Express 97% 1,178 Financial services
5 Photobucket 91% 838Image / video hosting and sharing
6 Mozilla 91% 1,202 Web browsing software
7 Vodafone 86% 1,340 Telecommunications
8 Bebo 85% 2,784 Social networking
9 Odeon 82% 985 Cinemas
10 B&Q72% 1,370Home and garden retail

Netimperative 14-09-2006


Graham Stogden said...
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Graham Stogden said...

Graham Stogden said...
Karl, you are absolutely spot on with this information. I have also been studying the huge growth of YouTube and watched it grow from an Alexa ranking of 100,000+ up to number 40 a few weeks ago. And in the last few weeks it has astonishingly climbed to number 10 - ahead of eBay and Amazon! Posted by: Internet Marketer Graham Stogden