Thursday, September 28, 2006

UK Web users more responsive than most to online ads- study

Online marketing and advertising affects French and British Internet users the most, according to a new European Internet study.

The thirteenth annual NetObserver Europe study, published this week, revealed there are significant differences between the behaviour of European Internet Users.

The study found over half of French internet users declared having participated in an online competition organised by a brand or e-commerce site in the past 3 months, which is significantly more than other European internet users.

Also, French and British internet have clicked on advertising links featured on the results pages from search engines in the past 3 months.

Furthermore, 2 out of 5 British internet users declared having visited a brand or company site just several days after having seen its advertisement on the internet.

This confirms that only the direct click rate is not sufficient to measure the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign.

According to the study, Spanish Internet users make most use of new information and communication services offered by the Internet, such as blogs, Internet telephony, and podcasting, while Germany was the slowest adopters of these new formats.

Meanwhile, Germany comes out ahead in the use of paid online services making the most of sending SMS messages, playing video games (online or downloaded), developing digital photos and are – together with the UK Internet users - amongst those who pay the most to download music and also logos and ring tones for mobile phones. The German Internet users also use more paid practical services, such as auctions, classifieds ads, meeting services, than other European Internet use"

Netimperative - 27-09-2006

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