Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Meta Tags and Titles

A few hours spent writing unique titles and descriptions for each page of your site is insignificant compared to the increase in traffic that results.

Page titles tell the search engines what your site is about, and meta descriptions give searchers something compelling to click on in the search engine results pages.

Additionally, using keywords in your '<'Title'>' tags further boosts each page’s calculated relevance to a particular subject.

You haven’t done any keyword research yet? That’s no excuse. Do the exercise anyway and use your best judgment based on each page’s existing content. This is where writing for the “long tail” comes in handy. If you are unfamiliar with this subject, check out Matt Bailey’s article, Keyword Strategies – The Long Tail.

By the way, if your web developer proudly shows you a long list of keywords typed into the keyword meta tag, well, you know what I always say in these situations: Take your money and run.

Keyword meta tags were used and abused for years. As a result, most search engines don’t put much stock into them. Time is precious. Spend it on something useful.

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