Thursday, November 16, 2006

WOW: Building a Brand

Building an Image for a New (Online) Brand.

I recently got offered a ticket for a branding seminar. The price seemed pretty reasonable since branding can be a pretty expensive exercise and usually is targeted at the 'heavy hitters'. (It did cost the ‘big guys’ millions to build their brands.)

However it just made me recap what I understand the essential in building a new brand to be. And I thought you might enjoy this brief recap too. So here it is:

I believe, in building a new (online) brand your ads, you should:

1. use the brand name within the first words (or ten seconds in a video)
2. repeat the name as much as possible without irritating the reader/viewer and
3. play with the name, spell it etc., make it memorable

The brand image or ‘personality’ of a product is a mix of the following: It’s name, it’s packaging, it’s price, the style of advertising, and above all, the nature of the product itself.

When you build a brand image – build quality!

Most people don’t choose products; they choose an image, even if we wouldn’t admit it ;-)

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